Delicious Destinations — A Fresh Ranking of America’s Top Food Towns

Foodies can’t get enough of these cities

Bashar Salame, D.C


Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash

Its become our national pastime. Visit just about any social media site and you’re instantly flooded. Images, videos, and tutorials of or featuring food are unavoidable.

You’ve probably been there, at home or in a restaurant, and before you sat a picture perfect plate of food. Prior to even considering a bite, you begin positioning the plate for the perfect photo.

Food has gone beyond sustenance to become something else entirely — this engaging, social, cultural, edible art. In so doing, our relationship has changed.

America has become a nation of foodies.

If you don’t count yourself as one, you likely have a friend or family member that can’t stop raving about a certain place where they had the best — fill in the blanc.

Something else foodies love to debate — which city holds the title as America’s best food town? This goes beyond New York v. Chicago style pizza. We’re talking across the board, from basic burgers to gourmet cuisine.

As they tend to do, WalletHub commissioned a few experts to settle the debate. They ranked cities across four metrics; affordability, diversity, accessibility, and quality.

After crunching the numbers, they settled on a surprising city as the foodiest in the nation: Orlando, FL.

The top five included: Portland, OR at number two — Sacramento, CA in third — Miami, FL took fourth — and fifth was San Francisco, CA.

While Orlando, Fl may seem like an outlier, the city ranks high in diversity, accessibility and quality. There’s a growing number of interesting restaurants, thanks to Disney World, the city has always been a magnet for tourism.

The rest of the top twenty five breaks down like this:
6. Tampa, FL 7. San Diego, CA 8. Las Vegas, NV 9. Austin, TX 10. Seattle, WA 11. Denver, CO 12. Atlanta, GA 13. Los Angeles, CA 14. Chicago, IL
15. Richmond, VA 16. Pittsburgh, PA 17. Washington, DC 18. St. Louis, MO 19. Houston, TX 20. New York, NY 21. Oakland, CA 22. Phoenix, AZ
23. Santa Ana, CA 24. Grand Rapids, MI 25. Cincinnati, OH



Bashar Salame, D.C

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