Andreas, I agree with you on the evolution of Mr. Biden. My history with discrimination, as well as privilege, would be more fitting for a book as opposed to a blog. As you can imagine, I've experienced both, but overall, I can't complain about where I am in the world. Things could be much worse, and I'm thankful for a mix of luck, opportunity, and perseverance. Much of what I said here is tongue in cheek, some points; a homogenous society, removing race based classifications, I simply wish were true. The only way to write this, at least in my view, was from a satirical perspective. Otherwise, the comments may have been too toxic for my liking. I love Medium for this reason; readers and writers are genuinely attempting to make a point or clarify a position, not simply attacking or ridiculing. That's what Twitter is for :) Thank you for reading and responding.

Restoring Health — Enhancing Life Elemental * Ascent * Writing CoOp * 1 book / 2 screenplays / Beirut →Detroit

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