A Few Words to Look for When Searching for a New Healthcare Provider

Should you place more value on location, reviews, or insurance?

Bashar Salame, D.C
3 min readApr 11, 2022


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Anyone who’s ever turned to the internet, searching for a healthcare provider — be it a chiropractor, dentist, or medical doctor — knows full well how difficult that can be.

Where do you even begin? Sure you can search nearby, but how much emphasis should you place on location? What about reviews, ratings, and hospital affiliations? Should those matter more?

As someone who’s helped patients find a host of providers when their needs change, or after they’ve relocated; I’ve become experienced in key areas to identify and look for.

Finding a needle is easier when you have a magnet.

Let’s break down the importance of what to look for and reveal some key words and phrases when seeking the right provider.

Location, reviews, and network affiliation

When looking for a provider like a massage therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapist, you definitely want to place added value on proximity.

These providers tend to see you more often than other specialties, and if they’re too far, you’re more likely to discontinue with treatment. Providers that you may only see once or twice a year, let alone less, don’t need to be down the street from you.

A friend of mine makes a three hour round trip to see their dentist. Most people may find this journey excessive; but, being that it tends to happen only twice a year, my friend doesn’t mind. They found someone who does great work, is relatable, and their kids adore. Why stop going just because the distance increased?

Another go to for many of us searching for doctors tend to be reviews. What are other people saying about said provider? In my experience, it’s best to disregard both the most glowing reviews, as well as the most critical.

Find the middle ground. That’s where the value lies.

Some buzzwords I look for here tend to be; thorough, listened, explained, knowledgeable, or some variation thereof. Avoid providers who are said to be; pushy, rushed, inflexible, or bad…



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