The story of a musician, a podcast, and building an audience

People hold up their phones with their flashlights on at a concert.
People hold up their phones with their flashlights on at a concert.

We’ve heard it so many times, it’s become cliché.

“Do what you love and the money will follow.”

I prefer a slightly modified take on this line: Do what you love (until you’re great at it) and the money will follow (provided there’s a market).

OK, so that’s not nearly as sleek, glamorous, or sexy as the original; but it will keep you from becoming frustrated, disengaged, or setting unrealistic expectations.

Adding those two caveats — becoming great and finding a market — will make pursuing your passion more exciting and fulfilling.

Here’s the good news, becoming great at what…


Not to be confused with ‘Coke’ energy

Everyone is tired.

How do I know, I’ve been conducting a single-question, informal survey.

Why just one question?

I didn’t have the energy to think of, let alone ask any more questions. And frankly, people are too tired to answer more than one.

Here’s the question. How much energy do you have?

To date, not one person has replied with anything beyond ‘enough’.

Actually, the most common reply was no reply at all.

Prospects simply walked away and avoided me altogether.

They didn’t have the energy to answer. That about sums it up.

Here’s the good news, The Coca Cola…

Anti Vaxxers will need new reasons not to take it

Just when the anti vax crowd polished their message, they’re about to get jabbed with a fresh dose of information.

The bad news: Novavax Vaccine is over 90% effective against contracting Covid19 and 100% effective against becoming moderately or severely ill.

The good news: It’s still a vaccine!

That’s the stance of the anti-vax community and vaccine hesitant crowd — for now anyway — until they take a stab at negating the latest figures.

Before introduction of the Novavax shot, skeptics had lined up and deployed a litany of excuses for not taking already available vaccines.

What will they tell…

They often work in opposing ways, but they don’t have to

Increasing productivity has been at the heart of our economy since the advent of capitalism.

Increase efficiency and output, after all, for economies to grow, producers need to produce and consumers need to consume.

Productivity — and increasing it — is elevated by an entire industry no less, books, podcasts, websites, and blogs, all dedicated to doing more. From time management to task management, organization and efficiency, someone, somewhere, has a plan for you to do more.

One problem with focusing so much on productivity, has to do with creativity.

To be more creative, you have to be less productive…

What we can all learn from ‘The Bob Ross Experience’

“We don’t make mistakes. We just have happy accidents.” Bob Ross

If you’ve never seen a single episode, you likely know the show; and if you can’t quite recall the name, you’ll immediately recognize his likeness.

The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross aired for over a decade, releasing 403 episodes, over 31 seasons. His iconic perm, beard, open collar shirt with rolled sleeves, palette in hand, painting those ‘happy little trees’.

Before he became a television sensation and an internet legend, Bob Ross was a traveling art instructor struggling to get by; perming his hair to save on haircuts…


What’s an invisible top shelf good for anyway

I’ve never been one to sing in public.

And that’s a good thing, for both my image and self-esteem.

For nearly my entire adult life, I was absolutely desecrating lyrics to some pretty popular songs. In one case, simply reading the title could have corrected my error.

I know what you’re thinking, we’ve all misquoted lyrics at one time or another. I mean, is Michael Jackson really saying, “Mama say, mama sa, mama coosa in Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” Yes. Yes, he is.

But that’s not even close to my chronic offenses. It’s not just a whole nother ball game…

Why ‘Post and Ghost’ doesn’t always work for newbies

It took some time — six months to be exact — then the comments began to trickle through.

The majority were complimentary or inquisitive in nature, a few however, were not.

They seemed incendiary in nature, dotting both extremes, from ‘race baiting’ on one end, to an ‘apologist’ on the other.

My attempt at levity clearly failed; with some readers anyway. (If you’re curious, I’ve attached the article here.)

Comments this contradictory proves— to me anyway — my message came across, and some simply interpreted the piece with personal bias or missed the satirical twist altogether.

We can’t predict how…

Lessons on mindfulness from an (amateur) Zen practitioner

During my college days, one notable professor began every class by pointing his index fingers to his temple and loudly proclaiming “P.T.C”.

Repeating the mantra multiple times, “P.T.C. P.T.C. P.T.C”.

For a class full of students, P.T.C didn’t stand for ‘parent teacher conferences’, nor did it represent ‘paid to click’.

After a couple months of lectures, every student in this class knew full well, P.T.C stood for Present Time Consciousness.

P.T.C got your attention.
P.T.C focused you in on the lecture.
P.T.C prepared your mind to learn.

Our professor could have said “Mindfulness, mindfulness, mindfulness,” and it would’ve had a…

Now is a good time to rethink who has access to your medical profile

In an initial visit with a health care provider, new patients routinely sign a disclosure form — often without giving it much thought. This document allows for (among other things) doctors to share your medical records, including diagnosis and procedures performed, with your health insurance carrier for reimbursement.

Should you decide not to sign or disclose your health information, technically speaking, medical records cannot be shared with a third party, including your insurance carrier. At that point, any and all expenses incurred become your responsibility.

In 20 years of clinical practice, every patient I’ve treated — with health insurance —…

Consumerism, luxury, and imposter syndrome

This past weekend, I took a rare trip to the largest shopping mall in my area, in need of a specific gift.

To my surprise, the building was overflowing with shoppers.

What recession, I thought while eying snaking lines outside high end retailers including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

As I chatted with a sales associate, she informed me the lines have been there since April of last year!

“Seriously? April? Of 2020?” I asked. “Yes, April 2020,” she confirmed.

As a reminder for those, like me, with a less than stellar memory; thirteen months ago saw the…

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