Muscle weakness is a leading cause of chronic back pain

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If the title didn’t completely give it away, yes, I’m a chiropractor. This marks my twentieth year in clinical practice; well past 10,000 hours, and closer to 40,000. …

How dopamine leads to action, and at times, addiction

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Two evenly matched teams are engaged in an epic battle. The game is back and forth — as soon as one team scores, the other quickly counters. This deadlocked, even game seems to go on forever, into multiple overtimes.

Suddenly, the tide turns.

One team makes a spectacular play, their…

Four lessons from the award winning entries

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For those unaware or new to the platform, Medium held a massive writing competition a few months ago.

Over 9,000 essays were entered for consideration. Such a remarkable turnout delayed announcements, originally planned for September, until October.

Oh, did I mention the various cash prizes?

The Medium Writers Challenge awarded…

The psychology behind memory, positive and negative emotions

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I’m sure you’ve heard it. You may have even said it yourself.

‘I wouldn’t change a thing’ — or — ‘I have no regrets’.

Given the opportunity, why wouldn’t we change a thing, and insist to have no regrets? Was it all that great to begin with, can we trust…

Women produce this hormone as well

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Outside the confines of bodybuilding or weight lifting, testosterone tends to be vilified. More often than not, the hormone is associated with undesirable character traits including irritability, a short temper, anger, even rage.

In a healthy range however, testosterone is a critical component of physiology; without which, men and women…

The Side Hustler

Don’t let it happen to you

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With so many ways to make a few dollars a day, it’s easy to lose track. Who can blame you? One day you’re repurposing content on a new website, the next, you’re slinging plasma at an assisted living facility.

The other day I came across a post of someone who…

How old are you really?

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To avoid awkward situations, or adhere to social norms, most adults are rarely asked: How old are you? Unless of course a child is asking; blunt questions are their forte.

Depending on your perspective, age can be many things: Just a number, a state of mind, or a social construct…


Please stop

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Who can resist the comments section — they rarely disappoint. The more polarizing or controversial an article, the likelier you are to find enough gems to make a19th century prospector envious.

To be clear, they’re not called comments on this platform, they’re labeled a response. Comments are for commoners, a…

Promising improved performance, recovery, and tissue repair

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Human physiology is very particular; any attempts to manipulate our system are usually met with unintended consequences. Cells, tissues, and organ systems are predicated on balance: taking synthetic compounds— be they prescribed or otherwise — can affect our natural drive towards homeostasis.

The ultimate hack becomes finding the right compound…

You don’t even need a thermometer

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Living organisms share a similar process centered around a twenty-four hour cycle. From the latin phrase “circa diem” translating to “around a day”, this cycle is commonly called our circadian rhythm. Variations and fluctuations throughout this twenty-four hour cycle in the form of hormones and other biological mediators determines our…

Bashar Salame

Health * Humor * Cultural Commentary * From ‘The Paris of the Middle East’ → To ‘The Paris of the Midwest’ (Beirut to Detroit)

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