When you need something better than ‘It wasn’t me’

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Excited anticipation; that’s the only way to describe a certain hour of television during my early college year.

I would rush home after classes every weekday, prepare a late lunch, find a comfortable seat, and intently watch my favorite Soap Opera.

As the theme song plays, an hourglass comes to view, rotating before blue skies, and distant mountains; “Like sand through the hourglass, so are The Days of Our Lives.”

I dedicated two years of my life watching this show actually expecting a resolution. …

Despite our differences, our concerns are often the same

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Every morning, our staff would come together, hold hands, and pray.

“Dear Lord, help us serve you, and provide those who seek healing relief… Guide and protect our president and keep Congress in your favor.”

That’s how every workday began.

I launched my professional career in a small, rural community after graduating chiropractic college in the summer of 2001.

My employers were themselves chiropractors, a conservative Christian couple who had built a successful practice, revered within the community.

I didn’t mind the prayer, references to Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, or praising George W. …


Preaching the productivity gospel since the Paleolithic Period

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These days you can throw a stone in practically any direction and hit someone claiming to be a life coach, personal development specialist, or self-help guru.

That wasn’t always the case.

Sure, today’s global personal development market may have an estimated value of $40 Billion USD, but like most things before, it had humble beginnings.

In studying fossil records, cave drawings, and other historical remnants, archeologists have identified the ‘father of self-help’, a Homo sapien who roamed the African Savanna some 300,000 years ago.

They believe he adopted the name Paleolithicus, wore a man-bun, and grew an interesting array of…

Redefining easy and realizing lasting change

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Over and over in my clinical practice, I find myself repeating the same line:

“I can’t care more about your health than you.”

Otherwise, I’d simply be exhausted and overwhelmed.

We’re told good doctors are caring and compassionate; while this is true, they can’t follow you around to ensure you’re making healthy decisions.

I’ve been practicing for two decades as of this year, and in twenty years, one thing remains constant.

People want a simple solution, a quick fix. They’re looking for results, without the effort.

Nowhere is this approach more apparent than healthcare, but other areas are quickly catching…

And how it continues to serve as a cautionary tale

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In the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, Dr.Evil had a very specific childhood memory he was quick to share: “My father would [make] outrageous claims like he invented the question mark.”

Fitting perhaps, that the origin of the question mark is shrouded in mystery. While some suggest it’s an ancient Egyptian symbol mimicking a cat’s tail, others claim roots lie in the Latin word quaestio which means question.

One thing’s for sure, Father Evil was likely centuries late in staking his claim.

Nearly everyone has a story about imagining a product or service, only to be smacked in…

Some good news on Earth Day

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Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has increased environmental awareness and activism across the globe.

The largest mass mobilization in world history occurred on April 22nd 2020, when over one hundred million people around the world observed the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

One can not discuss the environment without first recognizing climate change and the role it plays from erosion to rising sea levels across the planet.

Solutions to climate matters are complicated, tainted with partisanship and moreover, difficult; their impact may not be shared equally throughout the world.

While some nations have taken a leading and prominent…


BRB, While I look up another one

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Every week a few letters come across my phone, computer, or television screen, and for the life of me, I can’t decipher their meaning.

I find myself spending an exorbitant amount of time just looking them up.

TMI? No? Ok, great, I’ll continue.

While reading a post last week, I came across the following sentence: HIFW, SJW, LMS.

That’s it! Really? Why?

Stop doing this, please!

It takes much longer for me to go look this up, than it will take for you to write out: How I feel When Social Justice Warriors Like My Status.

IMO, this is just…

Genomic and weight loss companies are betting on it

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When it comes to selling weight loss, diet and nutrition companies thrive on a twofold approach. The first involves reimagining an old or dated concept; the second calls for lauding and connecting the latest innovation as it relates to nutrition.

Realizing our ancestors unintentionaly fasted due to long periods of food scarcity, marketers will rebrand this concept, and call it ‘intermittent fasting’.

Seeing a trend in slower, more focused eating, why not build an application and call this approach ‘mindful eating’.

With improving genetic analysis, some now argue the answer for optimal health or weight loss resides in our genome…

Avoiding Cul-de-Sacs, Cliffs, and getting through ‘The Dip’

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It sounds counterintuitive, I agree.

How can quitting anything help you persevere?

Perseverance is to quitting, what winning is to losing; or so I thought.

Seth Godin isn’t sold on Vince Lombardi’s popular adage, “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” According to Godin, “Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time.”

Sounds simple enough. But how can we determine when and what to quit?

To answer this question, you have to view your life, hobbies, or career trajectory in the right context, represented by three distinct curves: The Cliff, The Cul-de-Sac, and…


You might need to get fired or resign from an important job first

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Musician Elton John has an interesting take on long-standing rumors: “When a rumor doesn’t go away, it’s not a rumor.”

Persistent rumors, which remain in the public domain, might not be rumors at all. They have, at minimum, a modicum of truth.

You’ve arrived here, not in the metaphorical sense, but in the literal sense, on Medium, because of another persistent rumor.

“Writers are making thousands of dollars on Medium!”

You may have heard some version of this statement whispered in a coffee shop, social media, or an online forum; so, is it true?

Technically yes, writers are making thousands…

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