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Every week a few letters come across my phone, computer, or television screen, and for the life of me, I can’t decipher their meaning.

I find myself spending an exorbitant amount of time just looking them up.

TMI? No? Ok, great, I’ll continue.

While reading a post last week, I came across the following sentence: HIFW, SJW, LMS.

That’s it! Really? Why?

Stop doing this, please!

It takes much longer for me to go look this up, than it will take for you to write out: How I feel When Social Justice Warriors Like My Status.

IMO, this is just…

Genomic and weight loss companies are betting on it

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When it comes to selling weight loss, diet and nutrition companies thrive on a twofold approach. The first involves reimagining an old or dated concept; the second calls for lauding and connecting the latest innovation as it relates to nutrition.

Realizing our ancestors unintentionaly fasted due to long periods of food scarcity, marketers will rebrand this concept, and call it ‘intermittent fasting’.

Seeing a trend in slower, more focused eating, why not build an application and call this approach ‘mindful eating’.

With improving genetic analysis, some now argue the answer for optimal health or weight loss resides in our genome…

Avoiding Cul-de-Sacs, Cliffs, and getting through ‘The Dip’

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It sounds counterintuitive, I agree.

How can quitting anything help you persevere?

Perseverance is to quitting, what winning is to losing; or so I thought.

Seth Godin isn’t sold on Vince Lombardi’s popular adage, “Quitters never win and winners never quit.” According to Godin, “Winners quit all the time. They just quit the right stuff at the right time.”

Sounds simple enough. But how can we determine when and what to quit?

To answer this question, you have to view your life, hobbies, or career trajectory in the right context, represented by three distinct curves: The Cliff, The Cul-de-Sac, and…


You might need to get fired or resign from an important job first

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Musician Elton John has an interesting take on long-standing rumors: “When a rumor doesn’t go away, it’s not a rumor.”

Persistent rumors, which remain in the public domain, might not be rumors at all. They have, at minimum, a modicum of truth.

You’ve arrived here, not in the metaphorical sense, but in the literal sense, on Medium, because of another persistent rumor.

“Writers are making thousands of dollars on Medium!”

You may have heard some version of this statement whispered in a coffee shop, social media, or an online forum; so, is it true?

Technically yes, writers are making thousands…

Delaying screenings delays detection, and treatment

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Health centric wearables are amazing gadgets. These days, a smartwatch, Fitbit, or any number of devices can read your heart rate, blood pressure, and even measure blood oxygen levels. Some can go magnitudes further, running an ECG scan, detecting a possible irregular heart rhythm, and notice if the wearer has a sudden fall or accident.

For those fortunate enough to own them, wearables have become practical tools in assessing health. Despite all their features however, they do have limitations. For now, no device can substitute for a comprehensive, thorough medical screenings, done by a trained clinician.

To protect ourselves and…


Status updates, dropped pins, and check ins

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Avoiding the appointment for as long as possible, he had to finally see his doctor, and renew a prescription.

“You have arrived at your destination,” his mobile assistant advised upon parking. He grabbed his phone, exited the vehicle, and walked towards the clinic.

Seated inside, he proceeded to ‘check in’, updating social media platforms on his whereabouts. ‘Seeing my doctor to refill a prescription, can’t believe I had to come in person’, he typed, marking the time and pinning his location.

When his name was called, a nurse escorted him to an exam room.

His doctor walked in with the…

Positive (and negative) effects of everyday activities on our lives

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During a consultation last week, while discussing the importance of exercise and proper posture, my patient responded with a remarkable statement, “Sitting is killing us, it’s the new smoking”.

You can imagine my surprise in hearing it phrased this way, it just didn’t sound possible. I had to know the claim’s origin, “Where did you read that?” I asked. “It was an article online”, he replied.

You’ve likely come across outrageous health claims over the years. Nearly every media outlet, at some point, will run one. …

Gamification, scarcity, and The Greater Fool Theory

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Pokemon cards have been on fire lately. While Gamestop hasn’t quite made it the moon, a 1st Edition Holo Charizard Card, the gold standard for Pokemon trading cards, is already in space.

In a recent Youtube live ‘Pokemon Unboxing’ event hosted by Logan Paul and Ken Goldin of Goldin Auctions, Goldin came to a startling conclusion: Because of your (Paul’s) pedigree, and this event; this card could be worth north of $750,000.

You read that correctly, one Pokemon card could possibly sell, at auction, for three quarters of a million dollars.

According to his Instagram account, Paul claims to have…

From quarantine to creating, contributing and appreciating

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It’s been a year just about sums it up. Literally, figuratively, and in every other sense.

For nearly all of us, the pandemic officially began one year ago, and it has been a year unlike any other in modern history.

Nearly every story, article or topic we came across had undertones of the pandemic; how could it not? The health crisis and our response would transcend every aspect of life.

In navigating my environment, adapting to change, or simply as a coping mechanism, I was compelled to write. …

You may receive conflicting feedback

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During the peak of quarantine, when time seemed endless and activities limited, I decided to revisit open ended writing projects. From time to time, I would edit and rewrite a pair of screenplays. It’s been nearly two years since I opened either one, let alone shared my work, or entered a competition. Having written extensively in other areas, it seemed like a good time to measure progress.

When it comes to screenwriting, the concept alone makes for great conversation. Upon seeing old friends or acquaintances, when the question; “What have you been up to?” inevitably comes up, I could respond…

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