Without restrictive diets; while eating the foods you enjoy

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No one likes diets. And why would they? Many foods, which people actually enjoy eating, are excluded or altered in a way to taste — let’s just say — different.

Sure, cauliflower crust pizza is technically pizza, it just doesn’t hit taste buds, nor affect our system quite the same way.

What if there was an approach, which allows for practically any dish, provided it’s eaten in a reasonable serving size, and at the right time? There is, and I’m about to break it down for you. Food can not only be your medicine, as Hippocrates proclaimed, but a guide…

How an Orthopedic Surgeon avoided surgery

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According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were close to 900,000 workplace injuries and illnesses requiring missed days in 2019. While back injuries were the most common, those involving the shoulder accounted for the most time away. Workers missed 28 days on average for shoulder injuries; four times longer than those involving the back.

Our shoulder is among the most dynamic joints in the body, with a wide range of motion. …

It’s not from eating fruits or vegetables either

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Healthy bodies thrive on balance, a tendency toward equilibrium between various elements. In general, we can cope with all sorts of stress, be they physical, chemical, or mental. When the amount of stress exceeds what our bodies can handle though, that’s when disease processes can manifest.

One group of stressors come in the form of free radicals — not the band or a political group — but chemical compounds floating around our body, damaging cells.

That’s where antioxidants come in.

Antioxidants are molecular compounds which neutralize free radicals. While not all free radicals are bad — some can be helpful…

How to live, work, and move in ways that keep your spine healthy

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Four out of five. That’s the number of Americans who experience back pain at some point in their lives. It’s the leading cause of disability around the world among adults, second only to infections as a reason for seeking treatment. As a chiropractor, I treat patients with this affliction every day. Back pain has become more prevalent and ubiquitous in our modern world, and much of that has to do with how we interact with our environment.

There are things we do too much of, and others we’re not doing nearly enough — which is causing both structural and mechanical…

Ignore the not so humble brags

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Twenty seven; that’s how many publishers rejected Dr. Seuss.

Twelve passed on J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter.

John Grisham, James Patterson, Stephen King, Judy Bloom, the sample size of writers rejected or who toiled for years, prior to finding success, is staggering.

Yet on some websites — this one included — it would seem writers are blowing up and cashing in while barely even trying!

You’ve read the headlines. ‘How I Pay All My Bills Without Getting Out of Bed’, or ‘How I Went Viral My First Day of Writing’, ok, one more, ‘I Monetized Breathing, and You Can Too’.


We’re not allowed to talk about health without disclaimers

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It’s the elephant in the room no one wants to address.

We don’t have a healthcare system in America, it’s more sick-care.

Advocating for health, true health, has become increasingly difficult.

I should know, I’ve seen, heard, and read all about it in my daily practice.

Never before have I had to provide so many disclaimers before recommending a nutritional plan or exercise regimen.

It’s downright exhausting.

Here’s what I now have to say:

“Yes, I’m recommending a little extra Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc. No, they are not a cure, nor are they a treatment for Covid. I…


That’s how numbers work

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Will 5-hour ENERGY® extra strength give me one, two, three, or four more hours of energy? That’s my question for makers of the popular, thumb-sized energy drink sold in checkout lines across America.

How much ‘extra’ are we talking about? That’s an important detail when your product’s success is predicated on telling users exactly what to expect.

I can only assume they settled on five hours after company executives deemed it the perfect duration. In their marketing meeting, likely after much deliberation or a simple survey, 4-hour energy didn’t seem enough and 6-hour energy was a bit much. …

Who are these characters anyway?

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He cheated death, twice, leaving Zeus no choice but to condemn him to a punishment far worse.

In Greek Mythology, Sisyphus king of Corinth was known as ‘the most cunning of men’. He eventually found himself pushing a boulder up a mountain, over and over, in the depths of the underworld.

His tale of hubris though can serve as motivation for anyone looking to pave a path, despite obstacles.

It’s no wonder Quentin Tarantino invoked the tale of Sisyphus while describing his own writing process.

His epic, ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, took nearly ten years to complete. His…

The latest research on blind mice seems promising

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Harvard researcher and professor Dr. David Sinclair has an interesting take on aging.

He and his team view growing old not as a normal, natural process, but a chronic disease, one that can be treated, and potentially cured.

In June of 2018, The World Health Organization made Sinclair’s research, along with others seeking treatments for age related illnesses, a whole lot easier. …


Number 1, they may actually decrease read time

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I’m not a numbers guy. Even if I were, I wouldn’t include a number in my headline.

I did it in this article, but only to prove a point, three to be precise.

Most writers on this platform will tell you to include a number in your headline. They’ll say things like people like numbers, especially the number seven for some odd reason.

Headlines with numbers supposedly do better than ones without. While I haven’t seen this in my own writing, I’m curious to see the numbers for this piece.

Here’s something I read recently: Odd numbers emphasize masculine features…

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