It could very well save your life

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Not long ago, bacteria were thought to be freeloaders; hitchhikers not contributing all that much for the benefit of their human hosts.

Like an obnoxious guest at a dinner party, you could care less if they were simply thrown out.

New research proves otherwise, unlocking our dependence on intestinal bacteria…

Maximizing absorption and efficacy

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Like everything else in our culture, the debate over vitamins is a polarizing one. For every healthcare professional singing their praises, you can find another claiming supplements to be a colossal waste of money.

That hasn’t stopped people from buying in. Americans are spending upwards of…

They prefer you in between

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The above title highlights the interplay within our current healthcare system. Much like Goldilocks, Big Pharma would like us ‘just right’: A population sick enough to demand their products, alive long enough to maintain supply.

Pharmaceutical companies are in constant pursuit for profits and to realize them they need to…

BPA is just one of many harmful chemicals in these products

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In anticipation of parenthood, my wife and I became obsessed with labels. We began by scrutinizing nutrition information and ingredients; quickly pivoting to how products were packaged or manufactured. We read the ingredients in baby formula, researched the contents of baby bottles, toys, and clothes.

One question consumed the day…

The building blocks for a healthier life

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Of the things I see and read online, a version of this statement has become increasingly irritating: ‘You’re probably doing — fill in the blank — wrong.’

Variations of this line include: You’re probably sitting wrong… You’re walking wrong, and you don’t even know it… Are you reading this wrong?

The cautionary tale of a founder and an imaginary technology

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Unlike healthcare, marketing doesn’t abide by a hard and fast and rule.

If you don’t believe me, go ahead and look up; first rule of marketing, or marketing’s golden rule.

Unlike the turn of the century film Fight Club — which demands participants ‘Don’t talk about Fight Club’ — marketing…

And two more that are working very well

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What do you value most?

Put differently; what can you least afford to lose?

For me the answer is pretty simple; my health. This was my overarching philosophy long before mutating viruses and global pandemics.

As a healthcare provider, I’ve observed the consequences of failing health. My experiences have likely…

Bashar Salame

Chiropractor/Nutritionist/Triathlete. Restoring health — Enhancing Life. Beirut Born→ Detroit Bred

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